Little Gods

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 11 January 2007

There are plenty of interesting poetry collections to be reading at the moment, especially since the T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist was recently announced (in my case, working through a back catalogue of interesting collections I managed to miss, including Muldoon's Horse Latitudes and Robin Robinson's Forward Prize-winning Swithering). But if you only decide, or get chance, to read one poetry collection in the coming month, I'd recommend Jacob Polley's excellent Little Gods.

Published December '06, I'm yet to come across much critical reception to Polley's second collection, but I suspect the discussions circulating in the online poetry forums give an idea: ostensibly, that it's pretty damn impressive stuff. And if that brief and ineloquent critical summation of the many varied and interesting things people have had to say about Little Gods (not to mention many other poets and collections), isn't enough to have you surfing across to Amazon immediately, then why not read my review of Little Gods on The Poem? The 'Offshoots' and reviews section is here.

The picture, incidentally, was taken by a friend of mine, Alex Davis. The instant I saw it it called to mind Polley's poem 'October', the final piece in Little Gods. You can find it here.