The Little Monster Market is Tomorrow!

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 30 November 2007

Another late night but it's all good. I'm getting ready for the Little Monster Market in Studio City tomorrow. If you live in LA, be sure to stop by and shop the cutest handmade goods in the Los Angeles area! For all the details, go to .

In other news, the Still Thankful, Still Giving Charity event was a lot of fun! Grace was my date, as you might know from a previous post. She was so excited and a tad bit overwhelmed by all the cameras and tv crews filming but handled it like a pr pro. In fact, a photographer came up and asked if he could get our picture. He politely asked her to smile at the camera AND SHE DID! That's huge because she's a little one the shy side. Anyhow, back to the celebrities. We saw Meredith Brooks perform some songs for the kids. I brushed past Lauren Holly -- gorgeous. And saw Molly Sims come in -- stunning. There were lots of other stars too but I was too busy trying to keep Grace from disappearing in the crowd so that's about as much as I can report. Oh, and the toy box looked great and was named the "treasure box." Kids picked (or grabbed in handfuls) toys from the box and then sat and ate mac and cheese on it. You'd be proud....I did not give into my urge to move the kids and mac and cheese from the toy box. I took some deep breaths and then stuffed the little buggers IN the toy box. Just kidding about that.