Mod Mom Changes

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 7 January 2008

If you've checked out the etsy site, there are a few changes. First off, my production schedule has changed a bit. I went from turning a piece around in about 3weeks to now turning it around in 6-8. I didn't get slower, just busier. I've received a ton of orders (thank you!) and will be busy building one a week (or more) until April.

Also, you may have noticed slight price changes. I've raised prices due to the rise in the price of plywood. Ouch.

The things that haven't changed are as follows:

1. I still don't shower as much as I should.
2. I'm wearing my new clothes to stain and cut wood in even when I said I wouldn't.
3. I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight.
4. My fridge has nothing good in it.
5. There's laundry to do.