Super Tuesday Sawing in the Living Room

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 5 February 2008

One word. Sciatica. I had never heard this damn word until a couple of weeks ago. And now, it plagues me like walnut stain clings to new designer jeans. So I'm dealing with this odd pain that runs down my back all the way into my knee and trying to minimize it by not lifting heavy or awkward wooden toy boxes. You see where this is going.

I have this toy box that's going to be shipped tomorrow and I needed to add the hardware so I lift it and bring it into the house to make sure it's on a flat surface (dining room table) in order to install the hinges. Not a problem just a bit uncomfortable. Now here comes the good part. I needed to jigsaw the hand openings on the front that give some finger room to lift up the toy box lid. Normally, before Sciatica, I would have taken it back out to the garage to cut and hand sand and apply stain. With Sciatica, I gently put the toy box on the living room floor, mark it accordingly, fire up the hand jigsaw and proceed to cut the openings. And sand it. Then apply stain to the new hand openings while watching American Idol.

Did I mention I left the saw dust on the living room floor? And that it's still there?

Pretty soon, Scott will come home from a business trip and the entire garage will be set up in the family room. Ah, Sciatica.

** Tomorrow I'll post about the "You Made My Day" award given by a very cool blogger named Carrie Kim.