K.A.C (Kids Against Crack)

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 27 March 2008

I tried to find one of my corporate executive photos but no luck. So this will have to do to make my point. I'm the one in the pink.

See photo above, circa 2002.

I was bending over to pick up some wood that had fallen on the garage floor. It's important to note I was wearing my low cut, hip slung jeans. Then Grace said, with much excitement and pride, "MOM, your butt ISN'T showing!!" YEAH!!!! Then she skipped off happily like it was just what her day needed.

Boy, have times changed now that I'm a woodworkin' mama. Tomorrow, I plan to purposely not hike my pants up when squatting down to work on a toy box. Her childhood shouldn't be all sunshine and roses, now should it?!?