Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hope all you Moms had a great day today! I returned home (from an overnight in Palm Springs with the ladies and gin and tonic) to baked cookies, flowers, handmade cards and artwork. It was the best! Even got a little cat nap in while I was "watching" some horrid cartoon movie with Grace. Periodically, she'd hit me with the balloon she bought for me to wake me up. Or atleast open the eyes that I said were "resting." Then it was on to Denny's for dinner.

Noah gave me a card that was so damn cute. It read...

Marvelous is the word that describes my modern mom when she constructs toy boxes.
Outstanding is the word that describes her hard work.
Magnificent ist he word that describes my merry mom when she makes dinner.

Gracie's quote for me, when asked by her teachers, was....

"I mostly cook with my Mom. We mostly cook Fettucine Alfred all the time"