Mod Mom Gyerekbutorok

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 6 May 2008

After trying every language I could come up with to translate this blog post, FINALLY, I figured out it was Hungarian. Had I noticed the link address had "hu" at the end of it, this might have proved a less time consuming task. But remember, I only had a few hours sleep last night so.... Oh hell, who am I kidding, even with sleep I would've been a tiny bit stumped.

Here's what the Hungarian to English Online Translator said...

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Owyn toy storing crown lév? leaves not only grace , but tet? ként also serve. And two leaf does not invent what seeing , heavy , so that the toy storing also two fakkból stands.

The same true the Gracie toy container , which er? S retró style carry signs himself. This conversely totally dehisce crown of course safely lock , but , been careful of the tiny digits , hands.

Sam Toybox setting , up to date shape furniture , his which crown likewise slowly down. Wheeling their cartwheels easily moving the inhabitation.

Every piece cook tree , individual , hand legyártva. The stains of course void every venom? l. Since the furnitures stand during mass manufacture , the Design just may order Public - through on.

Thanks to whomever runs this Hungarian blog! And to the people who created the online translator!