Procrastination Station

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I'm a bit like that Dunkin Donuts guy from the 80s(?) who says in a very tired voice at 4:00 am, "it's time to make the donuts." I feel like that today but I think I have time for more procrastination by way of looking at photos from our family Christmas trip!

I came across these today (thanks, sis) and hadn't really looked at them since January. My carpentry mentor known as Dad, is featured in two of these.

Two woodworking geeks getting ready to ride the tube down a hill that doesn't have a conveyor belt to get you back up the hill.

If I had gotten my act together in the Christmas card department, this would've been the card photo.

Dad getting some air! This was hilarious because a few other families were on the same, steep, non-commercial hill listening to us cheering on Grandpa. Needless to say, when Noah and Grace yelled, "Go Grandpa!", heads turned. He's quite a Grandpa, isn't he!!!

Ok, now I'm done procrastinating. Back to my office I go. It's time to make the furniture.