Wood Fog

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 11 August 2008

A good friend of mine used to call the years I spent from age 25-30 my "baby fog" years. Because I was constantly saying I didn't remember this or that..or anything, really. She'd just say, "baby fog." I was thinking about her today and the fact that I'm now in the "wood fog." I keep, week after week, looking at my schedule and cranking out toy box after toy box. That's how I remember my weeks now. It was a two-Owyn, half-a-Bertie-week last week. This week is a Bertie/Owyn/Owl week. Now don't ask me what I had for lunch or where I left my sunglasses because I can't remember.

I WILL remember to post a photo of a new Owl Toy Box (similar to the Bertie Box) when I'm finished. Hopefully at the end of the week...or at the beginning of next week, a Bertie/Bertie week.