I Dream Of Shipping

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm actually dreaming about shipping toy boxes. How sad is THAT? Really, how lame is my life that I apparently am stressed about getting toy boxes out. One dream I had of late involved me not being able to find the UPS store which meant I was driving like a mad woman in circles with three toy boxes in the back of my car. What does that mean?

Guess any idiot can interpret that I might be needing a tiny break - just one week where I don't have to build something. I should know better than to book myself solid but sometimes it happens. Like when we need to pay the crazy expensive electric bill. Or when a tv show comes a callin'. Who knows. Maybe tonight I'll dream about Ryan Gosling or I'll have that dream where I'm walking naked down the hallways of my high school. God, anything would be better than stupid dreams about UPS. (No offense to the fantastic staff at the UPS store in TOluca Lake.)