A few favorites...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I'm dog tired and literally have nothing new to say about woodworking other than I'm STILL building toy box after toy box. On most days, I feel very lucky about that. Some days when I'm being a real whiner I remember what it was like to lunch in high heels and say important things during important meetings.

For today's post, I have nothing of real importance other than to list a few of my new favorite things....

1. I love the blog Notes From The Trenches! Chris is a brilliant, very funny writer.

2. AS SEEN ON TV...PediPaws. Clips your dogs nails without clipping. Grinding is actually what it does so your dog doesn't freak out.

3. True Religion jeans. You can wear them day after day for a year and only on the 367th day, will a hole appear in the inseam. Really, I've tried it.

4. The movie Ice Castles. Wonder where Robbie Benson is now?!? (Get ready Oonagh!)

5. My Neil Diamond souvenir necklace that my good friend Laurel (who happens to be on Neil's staff) gave to me at the concert. I wear it with everything. Big silver guitar pick hanging on a chain around my neck. :)