Press Update

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 29 October 2008

It's been a long time since I've posted (anything, I know) press links so I thought I'd round a few up that were published over the past few months and post them here. Thanks to all these lovely bloggers for writing about my furniture! It's kinda like Christmas when I get my google alerts telling me "mod mom furniture" was mentioned somewhere on the web. Some days, it helps me get my butt off my chair and into the garage. SO THANK YOU!!!

Bertie Toy Box

By bwestbye

($475) It’s hand-carved from eco-friendly birch plywood by designer Kiersten Hathcock; stay-at-home mom, furniture designer and founder of Mod Mom. It’s built low to the ground for easy kid access, with casters that roll where the toys ...

Cool Baby Gear -

More Puzzling Toy Storage Pieces!

By admin

The tagline under this piece on ModernNursery says: “1 mom + 1 table saw + old garage = mod mom furniture ” That’s story behind Mod Mom Furniture’s genius kid-friendly storage units. They’re made with sustainable birch plywood, ...

Shawn & Frank Baby Blog -

Attics and Playrooms

By Alivia's Momma(Alivia's Momma)

It has a built in bed at one end and sloping ceilings. I think any kid would like to play up there. Because of the ceilings we have to find creative ways to store things. I think these toy cubes from Mod Mom Furniture would be perfect. ...

The Extraordinary Housewife -

Tackling # 35

By Joslyn(Joslyn)

We're leaning toward this groovy toy chest (it’s made of sustainable wood from Russia with non-toxic paint by an ex-tv network marketing executive turned stay-at-home mom turned self-taught furniture designer/builder…Awesome!...

Simple Lovely -

Fab Find :: The Owyn Toy Box

By E(S)

I am in LOVE with this toybox named "Owyn" made by Mod Mom Furniture. It is sweet, hip, and clever and it's made by a mom of two boys. Being the mom of one rambunctious little boy myself, I am astounded that she has the time to even ...

Fig+Sage -

My 10 Favorites: Cute Owls Alive and Well on Etsy

By Jackie

... Felt Bucket by Tiny Decor; Enchanted Forest Growth Chart by Tiny Decor; Olli and Lime Little Egg Print (available in lime, teal, or orange); Noah Owl Toy Box by Mod Mom Furniture; Avalisa Owl Stretched Wall Art (available in 9 colors)

Tiny D├ęcor Blog -

The Noah Owl Box From Mod Mom Furniture

By moderndaydad

As I've said here on Droolicious before (here and here), I'ma huge fan of Mod Mom Furniture, and it seems she's got a new toy box to show off. The Noah Owl Box has an owl lid with owl eyes for finger holes, is hand made of eco-friendly ...

droolicious -

There are a few things in my daughters room that I NEED. In order... a bed, a dresser, a toy box, a book shelf, and a rug (my floor is hard wood). That being said, let me get back to the toy box. There are a few things a toy box needs. In needs to be functional, it needs to be deep, and most importantly it needs to be STYLISH!!! Actually it doesn't...but, if it did, we shall go to the garage Kiersten Hathcock creator of Mod Mom Furniture. Each piece is inspired by mid-century style and Kiersten's own kids' wants and needs. She uses eco- friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints, water-based stains and low-voc, water-based finishes. To date, Kiersten's toy boxes are by far the most functional, design detailed, and unique in this industry. Thank You Mod Mom, keep up the good work!