A Simple Request

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 17 October 2008

A few days ago, we learned that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. She's such an amazingly strong woman who I know will get through this but in the meantime, she'll be missing much work...if not all work (and salary), while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. When she's not a preschool teacher, she's running her own Mary Kay business. I'm asking everyone who's in the market for make-up and skin care products to consider purchasing them from Annis. And please feel free to pass her web store link to friends and family.


She can offer fast, efficient, and best of all FREE shipping (US only).

Your Mary Kay product purchases will be helping make up for her lost income and will help pay for medical expenses.

Thanks for considering this request! Please know you're making a difference in one very cool lady's life.