Today, I haven't....

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 13 October 2008

...washed my dirty hair or put on make-up and feel as grimy and sawdust covered as ever but it doesn't matter. Know why?

I got a message from Land of Nod. You know the company owned by Crate and Barrel that sends out those super cute catalogues with really nice kids gear and furniture? We are talking about the possibility of me designing something exclusively for them. We're still trying to flush it all out so hopefully I'll have more news later from the Land of Mod. Bad joke, I know.

Also, just to make my head a tiny bit bigger than it was on Friday, I woke up on Saturday morning to my toy box being featured on TBS' Movie and A Makeover. They offered playroom makeover suggestions during Legally Blonde 2. I felt like a proud mom! And Brian, the designer, referred to the Bertie Box as "from Mod Mom Furniture." Just like he said, and "this roll-top toy box from Offi." Like I was a legit company. I felt so, well, legit!

I'll feel legit until tomorrow when someone asks what I do and I tell them. Then I say the company name and they stare blankly at me and ask if Scott does all the hard work and table sawing for me. :)