Guest Blogger: My Husband, Scott Hathcock

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 14 November 2008

This is a first for me, but I thought I would give “Mod Mom” a small break from blogging this week and offer my perspective as to what it’s like to live with a woman who “lives in her garage.”

1. I live with a different kind of “Painted Lady.” She actually comes in assorted shades of stains and colors. Some of these colors are even accompanied by fragrances, like my favorite “Dark Walnut.”

2. I never look at her feet, particularly the bottom of them. Her best friend would tell you that she doesn’t spend enough time on keeping her feet looking “kept.” This is because she spends most of her days in flip flops, standing in a quarter inch of old wood shavings, and running back and forth across our blacktop driveway. Recently, there has been marked improvement through her discovery of “Lee Press On” manicured toe nails. As long as she doesn’t show the bottom of her feet, this recent discovery has been a game changer in the eyes of her friends. I am certainly not surprised at her taking to “Lee Press Ons” because they speak to the very heart of who she is-- a gluer and a sander.

3. It’s no longer “my garage.” In fact, I don’t think I even own any tools anymore. She didn’t want to be greedy though so she relegated the area of the garage containing the washer and dryer. I even have a nameplate attached to the washer.

4. I listen to most of our favorite TV shows over the sound of her sanding in front of the television . I’ve even contemplated initiating the “closed caption” feature to our evenings.

5. She’s intimidating to work for. I do try to occasionally pitch in with sanding, painting and polyurethane-ing, but when the pressure of not screwing up is so great I feel inadequate. She will also tell you that I become very territorial about any contribution. After I help to finish a toy box, no matter how insignificant my contribution I start calling it “my box.” “How did they like my box?” “Did my box get there unharmed?” and so forth.

6. The most frequently asked question is, “Is it a role reversal thing that we have going on?” To which I respond, we are truly a team and we make each other better for our partnership…I just happen to shower more.

7. Finally, I am blessed that so many of you out there have helped support her over the years with your posted comments, blogs, articles and finally your business. It really means the world to her that you are present and supportive. Not only do you continue to inspire her on a daily basis with your kind words and reviews but you fill in a void of support when I get too busy to the notice and appreciate the daily gift that she is to me. Just the other day I sent her this email based on your past observations:

“Just spent the morning reading all your various “Mod Mom” mentions online. I'm sure they weren't all the latest postings; regardless, I couldn't help to think how proud I am of you. I know I don't tell you that enough. It’s a amazing how other people who don't really know you at all do find the time to tell you that you are truly an amazing woman and mother. You've obviously made a host of fans across the world but I'm still your biggest. Now get back in that garage and make more people happy!”

For which she replied…

“Thanks, babe. We just got back from Woodcraft West and McDonald's’s drive through. Now I'm off to build that table and chair set. Is your day going well?

Love you, K”

Ah, love.