Happy Election Day!

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 4 November 2008

It's finally here! And this wood workin', country music listenin', power tool totin', Ohio-born girl with Southern roots is voting for Obama! At first glance, I'm sure it doesn't make sense to put all that together in one sentence but that's me! I'm proud to love Lee Greenwood and Hank Williams Jr songs AND be a card carrying Obama supporter.

Tonight, my kids and I are making election cookies and celebrating with that fizzy grape juice that looks like champagne (you caught me....THEY are drinking that, I'll have a gin and tonic.) Anyhow, we're decided that no matter what happens, we must make cookies. Partly because I'll need some comforting if Obama doesn't get in and I'll need a massive sugar party if he does where we all jump around like maniacs!

Happy Election Day to all of you!