Bullet Point Kinda Day

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My day seems to be in bullet points. I guess they all seem like that but today especially feels like that. It's choppy. I keep going back and forth from one thing to the next accomplishing less than I would if I weren't going back and forth from one thing to the next then back again.

Here are my bullets for the day:
* get Gracie ready for school, drop off
* come back, handle some phone calls, contemplate working out, don't work out
* build some toy boxes
* check and respond to emails
* try and sand with a mask but realize I bought the wrong mask so no mask
* check email...again...respond
* eat handful of crackers
* force myself to take a shower
* write this blog with wet hair
* almost be late picking up Grace cuz I'm writing this blog
* pick up Noah
* off to Target for G's gymnastic's leotard and Noah's comic book
* I'm so done with this list I can't stand it.....

Curling up in bed and watching tv sounds really good right now but I have to go be late to pick up Gracie now. Damn bullet points.