Can I Be A Kid Again?

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 6 February 2009

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Other than current economy, which has me and a lot of people I know wanting their mommy, I can't imagine a better reason to be a kid again than Mod Mom's very cool sustainable furniture.

Owner, designer, craftsman Kiersten Hathcock was once a TV network marketing executive, who has became a work-at-home mom and self-taught furniture designer/builder. She was inspired by her father, a self-taught carpenter and woodworker, who built most of the family's furniture when she was growing up in Ohio. Her pieces are inspired by the mid-century style and her own kids' wants and needs. She uses eco- friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints, water-based stains and low-voc, water-based finishes.

I love the clean lines and whimsical nature of her work. And I'm not the only grown-up wishing she was a kid. Mod Mom sells a lot to the over 12 crowd.

Come on! Who couldn't use something this cute to brighten up their day???

Mod Mom has a shop on Etsy, and a funny blog too - especially if you're a working mom just trying to keep your kid quiet for a minute while you take an important business call. Not of course that that EVER happens to me!

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