The Palm Springs Edition

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 28 April 2009

(The Riveria Hotel and Spa -- Gorgeous!)

Can you believe I was gone AGAIN this weekend? Spoiled, I know. I took Scott to Palm Springs for his birthday and some much needed couple time. And yes, I was just there a few weeks back but that was with my partner in crime, Oonagh.

Palm Springs is so fun for me because it's the mecca of mid-century, modern design. I always come back inspired after seeing all the great furniture and decor.

Oh, and I also came back clean. FIVE showers in two days. When I'm not covered in sawdust and have time to lounge, I'm just like everyone else. (OK, I really just showered a lot because the our high end design shower was da BOMB!!)

(go ahead and click on this foot picture...ya know you want to see if I have all my glue-on toenails. I think I started losing them one by one that day. 5 showers will do that. :)

(me, showered, looking sideways with a fancy waiter behind me. not sure why i always seem to be looking sideways in my pictures.)