Networked World

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 19 June 2009

Amazing what you learn when you start looking into all the places your company resides on the internet. Aside from this blog, Sam Clar Office Furniture is listed in 7,310 "other" places.

Some of the highlights:

From Yelp I found out that we had a single (very bad) review from 2 years ago(appears to be someone who would have been better served at Ikea or Scandanavian Designs). I'm thinking perhaps we are not "cool" enough for the Yelp crowd...

From LinkedIn I discovered that we apparently have an office manager for our Indiana office. Which would be fine, except we don't have an Indiana office (we only have one location in Concord Ca.), so apparently someone is posing on-line as one of my employees (while I'm flattered and a bit confused at how we got selected, I have alerted LinkedIn to this issue).

Just for good measure from the general Google listings, I found a review for one my local competitors (who shall remain nameless). This competitor thought it would be a good idea to post an "anonymous" review which slammed us by name, while praising his company. My opinion, life is too short to play that game... (although I also turned it into the on-line "judges" for review and removal).

I like the connectivity of everything these days, just gives us one more thing to try to keep on top of...