What I Won't Give Up in my Office

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 4 June 2009

One of the "perks" (if you can call it that) of having an office furniture dealership is that I can have almost any type of furniture I want in my office. Now... similar to the "cobbler's kids who had no shoes", until last year (2008) my office was furnished with product from 1993.

After being dragged into the new millennium, I can honestly say one of the best features of my new office is my flat screen monitor arm. Conventional wisdom says that if you use a "flat screen", you take up less space versus the old standard CRT. Not true -- in fact we use (or lose) about the same amount of worksurface when using a flat screen with a stand (which sits on the surface), as we did with the old "standard" monitor.

Which brings me to the item I won't give up... the Monitor Arm (mine is shown below):

An arm gets the monitor off the worksurface and this adds highly usable worksurface space. Additionally I can now easily move the monitor into the ergonomically correct position (which helps reduce eye strain, and a variety of other nasty physical problems).

Monitor arms are not expensive (usually in the $220 to $250 range) and they are available from a number of different manufacturers. My favorite is from: Ergonomic Solutions -

It is the "little" things in the office that make it nice...