Design Flexibility Into Your Office Space

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Flexibility in office design is a critical requirement in all projects these days. In almost every project we work on, the client is asking for a room that can double (or triple) as a conference room, a training room, and sometimes as an "all-hands" room. This calls for furniture that can be quickly and easily reconfigured, and / or completely moved out of the room and stored.
Two products to look at are the Get-Set line from Allsteel, and the Bungee Table from Global Industries.

Get Set from Allsteel

Get-Set from Allsteel offers a well designed "serious" product line for the corporate meeting and training room. Allsteel's research showed that corporate multi-purpose rooms are often reconfigured by a female administrative assistant, so Get-Set was designed to be light weight and easy to move to accommodate this typical worker. Get-Set flips and nests with a single handle release, and can accommodate power, voice, and data requirements. Get-Set also features a very comfortable stacking/nesting chair.

The Global Bungee Table offers a flashy cost effective option for the multi-use room. Like Get-Set, Bungee actuates with a single hand-relase, and can be quickly moved, reconfigured, or strored. The tables "connect" using a bungee cord quick connect "bungee" cord.

Don't get locked into a single use room, make sure you have flexibility "planned" into your next office.

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