Midnight Hour

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 24 July 2009

Last night, my house was quiet. My kids and husband were sound asleep. And I was genuinely happy to be in my garage working away at midnight. The downside of working out of your garage is it's flippin' hot here in LA in the summer. I'm inside getting cooled off right now but will shortly return to my oven, I mean garage, for more carpentry work.

And for those of you thinking, "get an air conditioner," it doesn't work that way when sawdust is involved. I would have to buy a ventilation system and an air conditioner. And that would significantly cut into the cash on reserve for fake toenails and non-mom jeans.

So I'll push through the heat. One plus side is on occasion, without proper hydration, the temperature will bring on some strange hallucinations. Like the one where my husband buys me a book called The Time Traveler's Wife and I put down Breaking Dawn and read it. I mean, come on!!! That's just crazy talk.