More People Comfortably into Less Space

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Every project is different - but one central theme that has been running through all of our projects lately is "we need to (comfortably) fit more people into less space". Over the past two years we have have had great success using Allsteel's Reach to accomplish this task.

Reach integrates all of the required workstation storage into the central spine. This eliminates the need for any undersurface storage, and thus makes the entire worksurface usable (in a typical workstation you lose the 18" to 21" where the filing pedestal sits). With more useable work area, we can actually reduce the overall size of the station footprint WITHOUT making the space feel smaller.

Use Allsteel's "space and savings calculator", to see what you can save by using Reach
HERE for the calculator).

In addition, because panels are not required to hang overhead cabinets, we can lower the overall panel height, which allows more natural light into the station (a LEED criteria).

See if Reach is the right solution for your next project - feel free to contact us at CSG or Sam Clar for more information.