Bloody Hot

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Saturday, 29 August 2009

A bloody nose has been my new workshop sidekick. I wished for R.P. helping me in my garage but I got a bloody nose and friends being evacuated because of the La Canada Flintridge fire. I'm now refusing to hand over any more coins to the fountain. It's been unbelievably hot here (plus the fires close by) so my workshop is a toasty 100+ degrees and all I can think when I'm opening the garage door is why am I doing this? The air quality is so bad right now -- there's ash on everything that hasn't moved for 10 minutes. But I do anyway because if I don't, after a few hours in a closed garage with no cracked windows, I'm roasting and can't see through the veil of sawdust particles in the air.

I can remember back when I worked in a tall office building in downtown Chicago, we had a very different kind of pollutant scare. Someone sent fake anthrax to the office so naturally we were all sent home while the HAZMAT team examined the envelope and its powdery, white contents. It was a weird, scary feeling to think you may have just inhaled something horribly toxic. Ironically, living in LA with its gorgeous scenery and mostly blue skies, I forget that everyday I'm breathing in some form of toxic agent whether it be the smog, fire ash, or sawdust.

I'm thinking a nice mountain cabin in Colorado sounds really good right about now.