No Stimulus for Local Battery Makers

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 6 August 2009

$2 Billion in Stimulus grants were given out this week to companies developing "new battery technology" for electric cars, but virtually none of those dollars are heading towards the Bay Area.

Out of the entire $2 Billion in grants, a grand total of $500,000 was awarded to a Bay Area organization (City College of San Francisco). The vast majority of the funds are heading towards companies in the Midwest, which is a little hard to swallow when you think about the number of local companies focusing on this type of technology. Click (HERE) for a list of grant recipients.

The SF Business Times had a great article on the Bay Area "hub" of companies focusing on "new" battery technology (click HERE to view the original article). I'm looking for any "green-shoots" to get our local economy hiring again...