The Daily Norm

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 3 September 2009

Aside from the intense heat, today was just one of those ordinary days when you call up your favorite Brit and ask her if she'd like to ride out of town like Thelma and Louise or go grab some coffee. She chose the coffee. Then we decided to beat the heat and extend our vacation from work and see a psychic. Why not, right? Being that neither of us had ever done that before, it seemed to be the natural way to spend a portion of my Thursday. That, and the fact that we were curious if the psychic could tell us more about the potential TV show I mentioned here .

It sounds as if, even given my complete lack of ability to do good voice-overs, the show may just fly! But I don't want to jinx it, give too much away, or appear crazier than you may already think I am. So I'll just leave you with this question to ponder...

When we get booked on The Tonight Show with Conan and Robert Pattinson is also a guest, should I be honest with him and tell him I have a small Twilight poster in my closet or just pretend to not know him? Ah, the tough questions asked by we modern moms.