LEED Buildings = Greater Productivity...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 12 October 2009

A very interesting survey measuring and attempting to quantify productivity increases in green buildings was recently released. The survey titled "Green Buildings and Productivity", is scheduled to be published in the forthcoming Journal of Sustainable Real Estate. The survey was conducted by the University of San Diego and CBRE.

Some of the findings from the study are:
  • Healthier buildings reduce sick time and increase productivity
  • The steps required to provide a healthier building are not that much of a design and engineering challenge
  • Generally natural light, good ventiliation, the absence of organic compounds, provides happier, healthier workers.
  • LEED certified buildings tend to require better and safer work environments
The conclusion of the survey is: "there is an economic pay-off to tenants who pay attention to space quality... Consider[ing] the benefits in terms of recruitment, retention of employees, less sick time and greater productivity, tenants should be willing to pay more rent for such space or require a steep discount for less healthy space.

To read the entire survey, click HERE.