Deep New Year's Thoughts

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 31 December 2009

The other night Scott and I rented Julie and Julia...or is it Julia and Julie?!? Anyhow, after previewing about 17 other movies I settled on it with much less enthusiasm than I would, say, NEW MOON, but I was interested. To back up, I'm not a Food Network fan. Don't get me wrong, I'm a food fan and I like to cook when I don't have toy box deadlines and have to help kids with homework. But I don't watch TV or movies about food, generally speaking.

While watching the movie, I felt some at-one-ness with Julie. Except she was cooking. And me, well, building. She started a blog to document her project. I started a blog to document my woodworking journey. Then sometimes she gets too wrapped up in her project and neglects her husband. And well, that is an understatement for me at times. And how she picks and chooses what she publishes..and gets told by said husband not to write about their fight(s). I, too, pick and choose. Sometimes (often) I just pick the parts that make me laugh or are funny on the page. I don't share everything but then again you knew that. What I probably should share a little bit more of are two things. My gratitude towards my supportive beyond belief husband and family. And the times that are so frustrating and painful that make me want to hang up the drill and go back to a job where I wear heels and do lunches.

I think in the New Year lots of good things will happen. And lots of frustrating (I've just been interrupted by my sweet 7-yr-old SIX times from the start of this entry), tear-inducing moments too. In honor of "letting go" of stuff before the New Year, I'm going to share a few things you haven't read on my blog. Here goes...

1. A handful of times, since starting this career, I've found myself lying on the floor in the garage crying from frustration and exhaustion. While I know it'll happen in 2010, maybe it'll just happen less than a handful.

2. I don't buy into the pink powertool/hand tool crap on the market. Why does a hammer have to be pretty in pink to appeal to women?

3. It's really hard to read negative comments/commentary on my work and sometimes I just want to write F*&$ YOU. But instead, I yell it at my computer screen and then write something back that sounds like I have a publicist. Just once this year, can I write F*&@ YOU? Ok...ok...I won't.

4. People assume since I build kids' furniture that I can build anything. Wrong. I suck at mitering and anything with trim. Don't even ask me how to use a router. Too complicated.

5. I sometimes wish I could take just a three month break from building anything with wood. Don't even want to see it for a quarter of the year. But I don't say that out loud because that would sound incredibly selfish, especially in this economy where I'm beyond thrilled to still have a thriving business. I just said it out loud, didn't I. Selfish bitch I am.

6. I don't thank you enough for being supportive, reading my erratic blog that sometimes isn't updated for weeks, and for just in general, making me feel like what I'm doing is a good thing. I wish only peace, love and prosperity for all of you out there. You keep me going, you really do.

That about does it for 2009. I'm leaving the wood behind tonight and we're making French food. Which OF COURSE, starts with buying a Presto Deep Fryer. Duh! Making Frites and Pets De Nonne (which is fancy for donut). But for a night, I'll feel like Julie who felt like Julia. And there will be butter. Massive amounts of butter.

Happy New Year!!!