Barbie Girl in A Barbie World

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 1 March 2010

Early morning cartoons are a staple in our house. That part of the morning before we start yelling, "Where's your backpack? Did you brush your teeth? OH MY GOD you don't have your shoes on yet?!?!" The fun part, ya know. So yesterday, we saw an ad for Dentist Barbie which made me say to my kids, "where's Carpenter Barbie?" And Grace said, "Mom if there was a carpenter Barbie, I'd name it Kiersten." And that's how this whole thing got started....

Today, my husband sent me a Facebook fan page invite to a group called "Fan Page for the creation of a Carpenter Barbie named Kiersten." I about fell over laughing. But I have to say, I do think Barbie could use a few less dentists and doctors and maybe a few more manual labor/artist types. To their credit, after taking a look today at their "I Can Be" series of dolls, I learned they actually held a contest for the creation of the next two career-minded dolls. Apparently, News Anchor Barbie and Computer Engineer Barbie won. But still no Carpenter Barbie. Or Contractor Barbie. Or Metal Works Barbie (complete with the iron welding mask.) Or Landscape Artist Barbie. I could go on for DAYS but I won't.

If you want to join the astronomically huge number (20) of fans pushing for Carpenter Kiersten Barbie, click the link above. Imagine the fun kids will have!?! When the Fashion Model Barbie and Dentist Barbie come for dinner at News Anchor Barbie's house and Fashion Model Barbie accidentally drives her red corvette through News Anchor Barbie's house, Carpenter Kiersten Barbie can patch the hole right up! Framing and furniture are her specialty!!

UPDATE: The kids heard Scott and I talking about this whole Carpenter Barbie thing and they immediately broke out into this little unison: "I'm a Barbie Girl in A Barbie World. My boobs are plastic. It's so fantastic!" God I love them.