Bunk Bed Safety

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 15 March 2010

A parent’s most important job in life is to protect their children. From the day they are born, it is our constant mission to ensure their surroundings are free from danger. We baby proof the house, buy organic food and check the lead levels on their age-appropriate toys.

But how can we watch over and protect them when everyone is asleep, with many children snuggly tucked into bed several feet off the ground? Bunk Beds are one of the most popular beds for youth bedroom furniture. Besides being a real space saver, there is something appealing to kids that makes sleeping high off the ground awesome!

Here are a few precautions you can follow that will help make your child’s bunk bed more secure.

1. Make sure your child is old enough to sleep in a bunk bed. Check the age recommendations when shopping for a bed, and have your child test out the bed before you buy it. They should be able to easily climb into and out of the bed by themselves.
2. The top bunk should always have a guardrail on all four sides, even if it will be placed against a wall. There should be no more than 9 centimeters (3.54 inches) between the bottom of the rail and the frame of the bed to prevent the child from becoming trapped between the rail and the frame.
3. It’s essential to use the proper size mattress on your bunk bed. Make sure the mattress you buy fits snugly against all edges of the bed frame. If you buy an extra long bunk bed, make sure the mattress is extra long as well.