Growth Expected in Sustainable Interiors

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 12 April 2010

A recent article on the Contract magazine website focused on why "sustainable" interiors are here to stay.

  • Government & Large Institutional Clients: Most state and federal government projects and/or projects performed for large institutional clients require compliance with third party rating systems like LEED.
  • New State Regulations: Many states are starting to require that all projects over a certain square foot threshold adhere to a "sustainable" standard (i.e., CAL-GREEN).
  • Boom in LEED CI Projects: The total number of LEED CI (Commercial Interiors) projects increased to 1,258 in 2009, up from 766 in 2008.
  • LEED as a Marketing Tool: In certain markets landlords are using the fact that their building is LEED certified as a market differentiator to attract tenants.
  • Growing Evidence that Sustainable Interiors are More Productive: More independent studies are coming out showing the link between sustainably designed interiors and increased worker productivity and lower absenteeism (click HERE to see a posting with a link to the CBRE study).
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