Still A Ways To Go in Greening The Office...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 3 May 2010

In spite of all the hype about "going green", a recent survey highlighted that U.S. office buildings still have a ways to go. In a survey of 6,486 office workers in 16 U.S. cities, the IBM Smarter Buildings Survey discovered:

  • 33 percent rated their office buildings "somewhat high," "very high" or "extremely high" in terms of environmental responsibility.
  • 65 percent say they would participate in the redesign of the workspace in their office buildings to make them more environmentally responsible.
  • 79 percent of respondents say that they conserve resources such as water or electricity as part of their regular routine at work.

Once again Los Angeles lead the way as the "greenest" city, with the San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose metro-area coming in second. To download the survey data, click (HERE).