Tips to Hang a Bamboo Chair

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hanging chairs lend a lot of fun to any room. As long as there is room to negotiate around the chair and account for the radius it will swing, the next part is easy. There are a number of types of hangers to use to add even more
fun to this type of furniture.

1. Determine where your bamboo chair should hang. Consider that the chair has a swing radius, so it cannot be located too close to the walls, windows or other furniture it might hit.
2. Note that directly above where the chair will be is the stud to which it will be attached. Understand that it must be attached to the direct center of that stud in order to hold the weight of the chair and its occupant. Use the stud finder to locate the selected stud as well as the studs on either side.
3. Move the stud finder along the width of each stud and mark where the sides are. Studs can be located 16 inches to 24 inches apart. Find the next stud to know how many inches apart your studs are. Locate the third stud on the other side to be sure of how wide each stud is and confirm how far apart they are located.
4.  Mark the center of the selected stud. Drill a ¼-inch pilot hole through the ceiling and into the center of that stud. Use either a 3/8-inch eye bolt or a lag eye hook combination to screw into the wood. Always use wood glue on the screws of the bolt before screwing it in to insure a tighter bond.
5. Confirm that your bamboo swing chair has an S hook to attach to the ceiling apparatus. Use that hook, or attach a swing/swivel spring that will allow the chair to rotate and bounce as well as swing. The chair is now securely screwed into the ceiling stud and will hold the recommended amount of weight of an average person.