Insurance Coverage for your Green Building Upgrades

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 28 June 2010

Yet another indication that the "Greening" of corporate America is here to stay; Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, which already offered "green insurance", now offers expanded insurance coverage to property owners for their investments in "green" building upgrades.

Specifically Fireman's Fund now provides "Green Financial Incentive Coverage", which provides protection against the loss of financial incentives linked to green installations or upgrades (i.e., tax incentives, loans, utility rebates). In the case of a building loss, Fireman's Fund would cover any "incentive" losses for two calendar years.

Large corporate users are already on the green bandwagon, however to date we have not seen medium or small businesses put "sustainability" at the top of their priority list (in other words; they like the idea, but don't want to pay the additional 20% for sustainable products).