Tips to Have a Dollar Christmas Party

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 16 December 2010

Growing up my mother's family always had a Dollar Christmas Celebration with her family. Everyone received $1.00 gifts. This was BEFORE $1.00 stores! We had to be creative! We would plan all year to get ideas. We would give all the men things like De-icers, tools, etc. Women would get ornaments, craft projects. Everyone would be remembered, and no one spent very much!

1. Start early. Inform relatives or invitees that only $1.00 gifts will be allowed. Communication is the key! Promoting this party with enthusiasm will pay off in an exciting party. The fun is getting excited over all the fun and creative gifts that can be found!

2. Start scouring Dollar stores for the best deals. Some Discount Stores have things marked down to $1.00. Target has their Dollar bins. Check Dollar Tree, Dollar General etc.

3. If one starts early enough, there are hundreds of crafts or food items a family can make together.

4. Decide on one gift for all men, one gift for women and one gift for children.