Egyptian Style Wall Decoration

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 25 February 2011

Ancient Egyptian history is rich in distinctive art and imagery, and it is an excellent inspiration when you are looking to give a room a hint of color and style. Egyptian wall decorations are perfect for studies, for the library in your home or for the bedroom of a child who can't get enough of Egyptology or archeology. Bring formerly flat walls to life using motifs from ancient Egyptian history, focusing on the motifs that range from delicate to bold.

Relief Plaques

Egyptian temples and tombs were carved with reliefs, where the image rises up from the surface. These images ranged from depictions of normal life to inscriptions that were meant to guide people in right behavior to images of the gods. Relief plaques are available from museum reproduction stores, where actual reliefs are cast or otherwise duplicated. These reliefs add texture to the walls, and when they are hung, they also provide your walls with an important focal point.
Hieroglyphic Borders

Hieroglyphics were the incredibly complex form of ancient Egyptian writing. Each figure was carefully distinct, and they could be written in a horizontal or a vertical format. Choose a premade wall border of Egyptian hieroglyphics, or make one yourself by using a pencil to sketch in the lines of a border and then painting hieroglyphics directly on the wall. Make up your own images or look up actual hieroglyphics and copy them directly onto the wall.

Framed Scrolls

The ancient Egyptians used paper made out of papyrus, scientifically known as Cyperus papyrus. The paper was made by soaking strips of papyrus stalks and then pressing them together, resulting in a distinct texture. A papyrus scroll was often beautifully inscribed with hieroglyphics, much the way that European monks illuminated large books. Look for reproduction framed scrolls and hang them up on the wall to give your room some visual variety. Use a gold or bronze frame to bring out the rich tones of the papyrus.
Cloth Wall Hanging

Look for cloth wall hangings that are printed or woven with ancient Egyptian art. Choose a cloth tapestry that features the banks of the Nile river, or the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. Hang the tapestry by tacking it up on your wall, covering as much of your wall as you can. If the tapestry is large or valuable, sew a thin strip of muslin on the back and thread a curtain rod through to hang on brackets. This covers a large bare patch in the wall while providing it with a vibrant splash of color.