OMG there is so much I want to tell you...but I have to wait. :)

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Autumn Reeser from No Ordinary Family at the Pre-Oscar Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills
I've been pretty MIA on the blog lately.  Partly because I'm working like crazy and partly because it's really hard to write knowing I can't share much of anything right now.  And as my family knows, it's tough for me to keep a secret most days. I'm like a seven-year-old when it comes to that. 

Lately, life has been filled with Oscar events (so fun!!) and prep for the airing of the episode I'm in on Shark Tank on April 1st. The lice is all gone -- seriously, what a huge pain in the rear -- but some sort of stomach bug has invaded in its place. Grace is on the couch right now watching some seriously heinous kids programming as I write this.

I'm also getting excited about a speaking engagment at the High Point Furniture Market on April 4th - . In a prior life before woodworking and ad sales (back when purple suits with shoulder pads were in style), I used to design training modules and teaching public speaking.  It's been awhile since I've done anything like that (except for Shark Tank, of course) so I've gotta reach back into the vault.  No purple suit though.

Gotta sign off for now.  I have to go bash the TV in to get a break from bad kids programming.  :)

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