The Hard Sell

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Saturday, 3 March 2007

For those of you who regularly enjoy Sam Delaney’s witty satires on the inconceivably shit telly adverts that plague our television screens, I recommend this week’s brilliant evaluation in the Saturday Guardian’s Guide.

This week’s hard sell is Carling’s new advert, a confusing mishmash which depicts, in Delaney’s words, ‘a starling (which rhymes with Carling) that’s flying in spectacular tandem with a million of its mates across a beautiful rural sunset to the improbable strains of Hard-Fi’. What the fuck this scene has to do with a watery lager is anyone’s guess, but Delaney does the advert justice: that is to say, mocks it with brilliant mercilessness. Probably the best ‘Hard Sell’ I’ve read, I’d wager (would that have been a better line if it’d been Carlsberg?). Read it here. Oh, and the cringeworthy advert’s here.