New Stuff @ NthPosition

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The excellent monthly ezine that is NthPosition has new fiction, reviews, and poetry on showcase for March. The poetry section contains new work from new and established writers, including Patricia Goodwin, Bloodaxe poet Helen Ivory, and Geoffrey Dearmer Award-winning poet, Andrew Bailey. Of the work on show, I especially recommend the slow and moving power of Bailey’s poem, ‘You may revere me’. And, since this brief post has been subtly building up to a shameless plug, you’ll also find two poems of mine, ‘Girl’ and ‘Epiphany’, available for your casual perusal. But seriously, when you next have time, do check out the archive of work on NthPosition. Not only does this include good work by a variety of writers, but also the anthology Babylon Burning; a collection of poems inspired by the impact of 9/11 that has helped to raise money for the excellent work of the Red Cross.