The Fires

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I just came back in from the garage -- building an Owyn Toy Box -- and I'm hacking and coughing more than usual after sanding without a mask. (I know, I know. I'll use one soon.) As I walked into my house I looked up to see a very strange somewhat blue but mostly smokey looking sky. We're not in immediate danger of the many fires still burning out here (Thank God) but I'm reminded of how close we are to all those communities lost to the fire.

I can't even imagine what all the evacuees and those who have already lost homes must be going through right now. My husband Blackberried (is this a word?) me from his business trip to offer a list of things we should take if we're ever evacuated -- computer hardrive, photos, kids clothes, that sort of thing. Sure makes having the stomach flu and worrying about getting toy boxes finished on time seem really silly and insignificant.