Happy Almost Halloween

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 26 October 2007

Slutty carpenter? Hot Nurse? French Maid? So many choices are offered for Halloween get-ups and all of them half-naked. Since last year (see above), I got to dress up real perty as Sammy Davis, Jr., this year I 'm going more salt-of-the-earth as Gabriella from High School Musical. Although I'm not going as far as to accidentally post photos of me sans clothing on the internet, my plan is to be quite convincing with brown-haired wig and sassy red dress. Scott (as Dean Martin above) is going as Troy, my High School Musical song and dance partner donning a fantastic blond/brown wig and basketball attire. AND THERE's GOING TO BE DANCING, too. We've recruited some friends to join us (they'll be two other cast members). We've been practicing our moves but I can't say anymore than that for fear we'll ruin the surprise.

What I can say is that my son is slightly embarrassed by the whole thing and my daughter couldn't be happier that we're going to be Troy and Gabriella.

Maybe we should march on down to Disney and show them what we've got! Although I think they'll mistake us for the 20 Year High School Musical Reunion cast. Now there's an idea!!!!!

I'll post photos (or even the video) after the party on Sunday.

Happy Halloween!