Middle-aged and fashion-challenged

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 15 November 2007

WARNING: This has nothing to do with furniture building. I had this realization as I was dragging Grace around a local mall today looking for something nice to wear out with my husband tonight. Here it goes....I am in my mid-thirties and can't seem to put together an outfit to save my life. When did THAT happen?

I used to be able to shop with confidence. Now, I shop with dread. And a really confused, idiotic look on my face. How do you hide the muffin top without looking pregnant in your low rise jeans? To add insult to injury, I really thought I looked cute today as I marched out of the house in my year-old Old Navy severely faded (not on purpose) jeans and a layered shirt thing. But when I passed a mirrored wall in the mall, I realized those looks I was getting from the sales clerks made sense. Remember that scene from Pretty Woman where she goes into the Beverly Hills store and gets shunned by the sales ladies? Similar situation today. Only difference is I'm not a hooker. Anyhow, I looked so much better in my head than I did in that mirror. And with less muffin-top.

I did end up leaving the mall with a nice sack from Nordstrom. The jeans, I know are good since I paid an arm and a leg for them. The rest, I'm not so sure. What I do know is that I feel more comfortable at a lumber yard than in Macy's. But I'm going to strive for more balance (my husband will be so happy.)

My first step towards regaining my inner fashionista is to NOT wear the True Religion jeans while I'm sanding or staining. I'll keep you posted on my progress....