Glitch versus Good

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Sunday, 6 April 2008

It just hit me today that the big show (which I won't mention again because you'll want to to deck me) is coming up on Saturday. I really feel like I'm following my production schedule fairly well but you just never know about how it'll all play out.

For instance, I hadn't planned on having a staph infection. Yep, a staph infection bump right there on my left thigh. Little G had one a month ago so I figured I got lucky somehow, and didn't contract one even though I had to put the antibiotic cream on her wound daily. So I think I'll have to fit in a doctor's visit. Something tells me they won't like it if I bring part of a toy box to the waiting room and start sanding. Glitch number one.

Glitch number two is that I forgot I have no marketing/ customer service department or at least they're nowhere to be found. Except in the garage building furniture. So I dragged my butt out of the workshop and made myself design marketing stuff for the show which always takes longer than you'd like. I do have to commend Kinko's for a BRILLIANT service where you design the piece (I did mine in Illustrator) and upload it online. Apparently, it's ready today. My staph infection and I will go pick it up later!

Thankfully my family (my parents and sister, brother-in-law and their gorgeous son, Chase) is coming into town on Tuesday!! I'm so excited to see them, not to mention there have been many offers of help to cook, help me build furniture, make me Bloody Mary's, and just being their loving, caring selves. They know how big the "show" is and will help keep me sane and laughing this week.

OK, my marketing department is now telling me I have to stop writing and start designing another piece for the show. Damn pushy people, they are!