That's it....we're moving to Italy

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Thursday, 3 April 2008

While putting off my workout this morning, I stumbled upon this post on an Italian Design Blog called DesignerBlog. It sure is a good thing I took Spanish in high school!! After staring at the text trying desperately for it to magically translate, I got the bright idea to use an online translation program. Here's babelfish's translation of the post ( but if anyone knows Italian and knows differently, let me know. Maybe it actually says something like this woman is crazy and her toy boxes are shite)....

Kiersten is a mother who under the name of of Mod Mom Furniture constructs furnitures of design for children, in its garage. Its containers for giocattoli are prati to us color and amusing how much to you the games that contain. Bertie Box becomes a game companion, with the shape of the orange chick that hops via from its puzzle. The container in plywood and birch, supplied of wheels, becomes therefore to the capacity of the player a physical place imagination every. The small Bertie Box will fly to the Baby Celebration the Show the 12 opens them, for the joy of large and piccini. The furnitures of Mod Mom from today are also in sale on

Click the DesignerBlog link above for the post!