How'd it go?

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 2 May 2008

So many of you have so kindly asked about the LA Times photo shoot/interview. Thanks for all your support. Here's a little bit about how it went....

It was great! Both the photographer, Annie, and the writer, Lisa, were so easy going and supportive and seemed to enjoy being in my little garage world for an hour. On a vanity note, I tried so very hard to suck my stomach in (wearing Spanx) while pushing wood through the table saw while being photographed. Scott pointed out to me that I didn't have my safety glasses on after the fact. "Oh, yeah, the safety glasses. I have no freakin' clue where those are hiding." But you know damn well that this little wood geek would not have put those on even if I could've found them. It would have covered up the eye makeup that I spent a half an hour putting on that I haven't had on since.

You will be proud of me because I did have the safety guard over the spinning saw blade on the table saw. Really, all I could think while I was being photographed was am I showing the appropriate amount of cleavage whilst bending over this saw? And then I realized I don't really have the appropriate amount of cleavage but can thank Victoria Secret for what I do have!

I'll be sure to post the link (I think it'll be online too) to the article next Thursday. :)