Manifold and Nthposition

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Just a bit of self-promotion in that two new poems of mine have appeared online: one in the August edition of Nthposition, and another in the new poetry journal Manifold, edited by Adam Piette and Alex Houen of the University of Sheffield.

Manifold's first issue also features work by an eclectic variety of poets, including Carcanet editor Michael Schmidt, fellow Sheffield poet and Gregory Award winner Chris Jones, and recent National Poetry Competition winner David Kennedy, as well as reviews including of Jen Hadfield's Forward-shortlisted collection, Nigh No-Place. The publication is well worth a read and is accepting submissions for future issues - details on the site.

In Nthposition this month there's also poetry from Claire Sharp and John Hartley Williams, but I haven't had a proper chance to get stuck into it yet. Do check both out, though, if you get the chance. More substantial posts to (possibly) follow soon. In the meantime, happy reading.