Lumberjocks ROCK!

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Saturday, 11 April 2009

About a year ago, I joined a website called Lumberjocks. It's basically a social networking site for woodworkers. You can post your projects, receive feedback, ask questions, etc. I'm the first to admit I was a bit intimidated to join. I'm also the first to admit the kind of furniture I build doesn't require mad woodworking skills like those who make traditional or victorian style work. Since day one, I've felt nothing but support from the Lumberjocks, which as you can see from the photo (can you find me?), is mostly comprised of men (but the number of women on the site is increasing) from all over the world. Over 9,000 members now!

Two of my favorite Lumberjocks have recently started online stores on Etsy and I'm THRILLED to promote their sites on my blog. They are extremely talented woodworkers and really good people.

First, there's Darry Masterson, a father/woodworker from rural New Hampshire. He started woodworking in 2004 when he built a simple shelf for his daughter. Then in 2005, projects included two Adirondack chairs that were donated to an auction to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Check out his amazing work on and his new online store I'm in awe of his Wine Bottle Stopper for sale on his Etsy store. I'm very proud of his work and even more proud to call him a friend.

(Darryl Masterson's Wood Bottle Stopper)

Next, Terel Letcher is a father/woodworker from Iowa who handcrafts beautiful eco-friendly works of art. His company is named after his daugther, Charlie Lynn, who was born with a massive heart complication and Terel says, "in the process of learning how to be a father and care giver I realized that she deserves to have something done in her honor as she has already taught me so much about not giving up." Please check out his gorgeous furniture at and

(One legged entry table by CharlyWoods)