Office Furniture Mail Order Company is Shut Down...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Monday, 30 November 2009

Topdeq USA, a high-end office furniture mail order company, was recently closed by its parent company the German based TAKKT Group. The most recent earnings release for TAKKT Group cited that Topdeq USA was closed due to "a fall in turnover (sales) of 30.8%...most pronounced in the U.S. Market".  

Not a big surprise for a couple of reasons
  1. High-end anything is struggling right now, especially high-end office furniture
  2. Direct mail is a dying sales channel
The closure of Topdeq USA cannot be a good sign for TAKKT's other large U.S. holding - National Business Furniture (NBF). NBF sold itself to TAKKT in 2005,  and is also a large mail order office furniture retailer (focused on low to mid-priced items). While the low to mid-range price point is a healthier niche, I still have to believe that NBF is feeling the pinch as their primary go-to market strategy (direct mail) slowly goes the way of the telegraph.