8 steps to mitigating the risk of Green construction...

Posted by Expert Gadget Reviewer on Friday, 11 December 2009

Any construction project contains an element of risk. "Green" projects (where LEED certification is a goal) have their own set of "special" challenges. A recent article written by attorney Leonard Goodman posted on Greenerbuildings.com, 8 Steps for Better Management of Green Design and Construction Risks provides some insight into mitigating the risks associated with a green project.
  1. Have A Clear Understanding of Your Particular Green Objectives and the Options for Meeting Them Under LEED
  2. Engage Experienced A/Es and Contractors Capable of Working Together Collaboratively Early in the Development Process
  3. Determine if BIM is Right for Your Project
  4. Consider Pursuing the LEED Credit for Enhanced Commissioning
  5. If Time Permits, Opt for LEED's Two-Phase Certification Process
  6. Do Not Rely on Industry Standard Forms of Agreement
  7. Consider Integrated Project Delivery
  8. Purchase Property Insurance that Covers Losses Associated with Green Buildings

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